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Versand und Logistik

Nutzen Sie den Service unserer Partner, um den reibungslosen Versand Ihrer Produkte zu gewährleisten.

SENDCLOUD | DAS NUMMER 1 VERSANDTOOL FÜR ONLINESHOPS ​ Durch die Optimierung des Versandprozesses hilft SendCloud beim erfolgreichen Wachstum Ihres Webshops. Paketversand war noch nie so einfach!   VORTEILE FÜR ONLINEHÄNDLER SendCloud ist das clevere Versandtool für E-Commerce Unternehmen. Mit nur einem Klick können Sie Versandetiketten erstellen und mit mehreren Paketdiensten wie DPD, DHL und UPS versenden - mit oder ohne eigenen Vertrag. Zeitsparendes Versandtool Mit SendCloud können Sie Ihren gesamten Versandprozess optimieren. Von Bestellungen importieren, Versandlabels drucken, personalisierte Tracking-Emails bis hin zu Retouren abwickeln, können Sie ab sofort jeden Schritt des Versandprozess automatisieren.   Mehrere Versandoptionen anbieten und Umsatz steigern Untersuchungen haben gezeigt, dass 67% der Besucher den Webshop während des Check-Out Prozesses abbrechen. Daher wird es immer wichtiger, Kunden mehrere Versandoptionen anzubieten. Versandkosten sparen FEATURES Plug & Print Verbinden Sie Ihren Webshop mit mehreren Versanddienstleistern. Wählen Sie die Versandart und den Paketdienst passend zu den Bedürfnissen Ihrer Kunden. Erstellen und drucken Sie Versandlabels mit nur einem Klick. Choose & Convert Bieten Sie Ihren Kunden verschiedene Versandoptionen im Check-Out Prozess. Send & Engage Informieren Sie Kunden über den Versandstatus ihrer Bestellungen. Ob versandbereit, versendet oder geliefert bleiben Onlineshopper während des gesamten Versandprozesses up-to-date. Zudem können Tracking-Emails individuell angepasst und in mehreren Sprachen hinterlegt werden. Click & Return Gestalten Sie ein Retourenportal angepasst an das Branding Ihres Webshops. Über dieses können Ihre Kunden Retourenlabels direkt ausdrucken. Das ermöglicht Ihnen, den Retourenprozess zu vereinfachen und das Kauferlebnis Ihrer Kunden zu verbessern!   VORTEILE FÜR KUNDEN  Bieten Sie verschiedene Versandoptionen und steigern Sie so den Umsatz Ihres Onlineshops.   Hauszustellungen Service Point-Zustellungen Expressendungen ​Samstagslieferungen
Developer: SendCloud



Looking for shipping software? Start today with the most advanced and complete shipping software solutions currently available on the market.   MULTI CARRIER SHIPPING SOFTWARE You can send packages with a lot of carriers. But which one should you have? Which is the most advantageous? And which is the best? Every carrier has a delivery option that suits you or your customer best.   Having difficulty keeping an overview of all your shipments by different dashboards? To be able to offer everything you need multiple carriers, it's not that difficult to get a transport contract. But from now on it becomes more complicated. You have to work with multiple applications to be able to send and monitor everything. In addition, it is quite a task to link all carriers to CCV Shop. Not all carriers are already linked to CCV Shop by default. That is why we started Parcel Pro, a software solution that links all carriers you are looking for in a dashboard to your web store! The Parcel Pro team consists of true professionals who have been active in the distribution market and software development for many years. With these experiences in house we know the needs of you as a customer and we keep developing so you can offer your customers all possible shipping options.   How to start Activate your account within 10 seconds Upload your own transporter contract Simply integrate CCV Shop with Parcel Pro Ready to send your shipments!   8 carriers in 1 dashboard Activate your own DPD contract DHL contract DHL Express contract contract GLS contract PostNL contract Sandd contract UPS contract Requirements: Located in the Netherlands. Our app is not supported in Germany.
Developer: Parcel Pro

Parcel Pro


Automatically forward orders to your suppliers, vendors, shipping companies or other 3rd parties, and save valuable time on order processing Have you ever thought of how much time you're wasting by having to send orders to your (dropship) suppliers, shipping companies or other 3rd parties again and again? There has to be a way to make this easier, right? Now there is. The Order Forwarder app will automatically forward your paid orders to your configured recipient per email, and automatically split all order products based on the supplier you've set in your products. In the app you can simply create a forwarder for any supplier, enter the recipient's email address, and customize the email template to your needs. All the rest will be taken care of automatically, almost like magic. Interest in it's simplicity and all available features? Feel free to try out the app for two weeks, without any obligations and fully free of charge. Installation takes just a few clicks and will give you the oppertunity to play around and discover all features..   Most interesting features Products are split automatically per supplier, and only those specific products will be included in the email Fully customize the email body per forwarder Optional stock level threshold setting to only forward items when their stock level reaches a certain cofigured threshold  Automatically add PDF packing slip attachment Optionally set your own custom email server Multiple possibilities for shops with lower or higher order volumes Advanced insights in order and product details International app availability: due to the way the app is set up, it does not matter where your company is located, or in which countries you're selling your products. A perfect fit for any store!   How does it work? You can create multiple different suppliers in your store and connect them to your products. In the app you can then simply add a forwarder to any of your store's suppliers, for which you want to forward their ordered products. For this forwarder you can set up details like the recipient's email address, customize the email body and template, or depending on your app plan set your stock level threshold or add a PDF packing slip. As soon as the order is paid (by the merchant or manually by yourself), the app will process the order: products will be split per supplier as set in your store, and an email with these specific details will be sent to your configured forwarder.   Plans and features The first two weeks are fully free of charge and without any obligations so you're free to play around with all the features. Then, when you're just as convinced as we are, you can simply pick one of the plans that fit your needs. The default plan has a monthly fee of just €10,95 and will be able to forward up to 40 orders per month. You'll find a detailed overview of all different plans and features in the app dashboard.   About Dyvelopment DyApps is part of Dyvelopment, the partner of choice for CCV Shop design or other custom changes. Customizing your current design, a fully custom theme, specific custom changes or custom 3rd party connectors like supplier connectors? You name it, we'll fix it. And we already did for over more than 2000 merchants worldwide.   Manual Click here to view the app manual.
Developer: Dyvelopment

Order Forwarder


Ship faster, cheaper and hassle-free! Why PakketMail? Faster: * One shipping system from which you can flexibly ship via multipe carriers. * Generate all shipping labels with just one click after installing the PakketMail Connector. * Easily arrange international shipping and return shipping. Cheaper: * Customers of PakketMail benefit from our high volume negotiations with multiple carriers. Hassle-free: * In case something goes wrong with a shipment, we are your point of reference and keep status inquiries and claim handling off your back. How does it work? * Install the PakketMail Connector for your CCV Shop in three simple steps. * After completing the installation your orders are automatically pushed to your shipping account at PakketMail. * As soon as you shipping labels are pre-announced to the carrier of choice, we automatically push a status update back into your CCV shop and update your tracking information. This way you easily save time and minimize the risk of typing incorrect addresses to 0% Additional advantages? * Pay per parcel shipped. No service fees, no start-up fees and no contract fees. * Sharp shipping rates for shipping services by PostNL, DPD, DHL, UPS, Correos and CTT Correios. * Do you have your own shipping contract with GLS? Easily connect your CCV webshop via PakketMail to GLS with our software-only solution! * National shipping within the Netherlands already for only €4,20 per parcel. * Automatically send Track & Trace emails to your customers in their own language. * Manage multiple webshops and / or users from one shipping account Additional information * You need to have a PakketMail account in order to being able to use the PakketMail Connector. In case you do not have access yet, please reach out via
Developer: PakketMail



The most complete Transport Management System for web stores. Increase your sales and save logistics costs with DeliveryMatch. Link with more than 50 carriers and collection points worldwide directly in your checkout! Variable costs depending on the number of carriers to be linked and the number of orders per month. About DeliveryMatch; DeliveryMatch is the most complete Transport Management System (TMS). Increase your sales and save logistics costs with DeliveryMatch. Link with 50 carriers and collection points worldwide directly in your checkout! Thanks to the unique real-time calculation of shipping options, delivery options and costs, you can save costs on the one hand by controlling your logistics and on the other hand make your consumers happy with reliable shipping and delivery options and their operational handling. What does the consumer think is important? • Know in advance when the package will be delivered, reliability; • Being able to choose a delivery time and location, flexibility; • The lowest possible costs. What does the consumer think is less important? • Fast delivery: 92% are willing to wait 2 to 7 days if it is clear in advance when the package will be delivered. DeliveryMatch responds to the wishes of your consumer Offers your consumer more choices in your checkout; • Delivery choice: deliver choices for a day, day-time period or "same day" based on warehouse capacity, zip code, country, transit times and routes; • Choice of collection points, if desired from multiple carriers integrated; • Choose to pick up at one of your own stores; • Opt for consolidated or partial deliveries for incomplete orders if you wish to offer this. What does DeliveryMatch do? • Actually too many to list, below a small part of what DeliveryMatch can do for you, the best thing is to visit our website where our unique functionality is well explained: / • It checks when the items can be sent, whether or not an order can / should be sent in one go; • It checks from which warehouse location (s) the order has to be sent, at multiple warehouse locations (for example drop shipping) it takes control of the processing of the order; • It calculates in real time on the basis of current order data which carrier can deliver the shipment with which service level and for which price (for example parcel or letterbox post); • It calculates which delivery times and locations are possible; • It takes control of the logistics process, making it reliable; More than 50 transporters and collection points for organizations linked via one system; • Transporters such as; PostNL, Dynalogic, DHL, BPost, GLS, DPD, B2C Europe, TNT, UPS, Fedex, Transmission, etc .; • Collection points for organizations such as; PostNL Pakjegemak, UPS Access points, DHL Service points, GLS parcel shops, DPD Parcel shops, De Buren, BPost, own collection points, etc .; •    and much more .... See also our promotional video
Developer: DeliveryMatch BV

DeliveryMatch Backend


The most important features:  The only independent webshop insurance in Europe.  Available for Merchants from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany & Switzerland.  Integration with multiple carriers.  Fast claim settlement.  Sales value of your product is insured  Completely GDPR proof.  Cover yourself and your customers against damage / loss  Insured under all carriers.  Worldwide coverage.    How the app works:   First, download the app from the CCV Appstore and follow all the steps. When you agree to all the terms and conditions, we will ask for an automatic payment option. If approved, the Send-Safe app will become visible within your dashboard. From that moment on you can offer the Send-Safe service to your customers.  How do we work:   Send-Safe works through an automatic integration. The advantage here is that all insured shipments are loaded into the Send-Safe customer service. When a carrier investigation is needed, we have direct links with carriers such as PostNL, DHL, Bepost. In case of damage, loss, etc. Send-Safe will immediately get to work for a fast handling time. This shortens the claim process and increases the service of your webshop towards your consumers. As soon as the consumer chooses the Send-Safe insurance at the checkout of your webshop, you as a webshop owner will receive the insured amount. Send-Safe invoices every 1st of the month by means of a direct debit to every webshop owner.  About us:   Send-safe is an independent webshop insurance in Europe. No more hassle with carrier insurance, but send-safe insurance that focuses purely on your webshop.As a result, we process claims faster and we have a shorter claim settlement than with a carrier insurance. Do you use multiple carriers in different countries. That is no problem at all with us because Send-safe has coverage over all carriers with the objective of providing the best customer service possible for your customers. 
Developer: Send-Safe



Next level shipment from your CCV Shop. What if your online store is running at full tilt, but you feel that there is more profit to be made and time to be saved on the shipping front? With our CCV Shop plug-in, all it takes is a couple of clicks to reap the benefits of the DHL Parcel shipping tool. Fast shipping, a wide range of options and no complications - these are all advantages of the DHL plug-in for CCV Shop. The extension with the online shipping service My DHL Parcel assures you of a streamlined shipping process and regular updates and add-ons. Outstanding labels Perfect printing. It seems so simple, but there are years of development behind it. With our unique system, you automatically print the perfect (return) label for every order just when you need it. If an order changes, you can change it manually in My DHL Parcel. Always in the know The CCV Shop plug-in comes with handy extras. With reports, track and trace, and smart alerts, you can keep a close eye on the status of each shipment. Or if something unexpected has occurred, this will be displayed directly in our dashboard. Let the customer choose With extra services such as insured shipments, signing on receipt, or return label in the shipment, you offer customers extra convenience and security. That always goes down well! Get started To use our CCV Shop plug-in, you will need a DHL Parcel business account. Registration is very easy (and free). Sign up online, receive your login straight away and automate your shipping process today. Create a free account Manual Please note that this plug-in is only available for online stores that ship orders from the Benelux and Switzerland.
Developer: DHL Parcel

DHL Parcel


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