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Nutzen Sie unsere Marketing-Apps. Das erleichtert Ihnen die Administration und bietet Ihren Kunden mehr Vorteile.

PushBird   PushBird is a leading web push service provider that integrates perfectly with CCV Shop! Countless companies from all over the world rely on PushBird to deliver perfectly timed push notifications. With our smart web push technology your customers will receive the information they need at right time. Using PushBird notifications will boost conversions, interactions and returning visitors. PushBird is the must have for your web shop. Boost your conversion, share great discounts at the perfect moment! 15x more interaction compared to email or social media! Boost returning visitors up to 40%   “Directly send notifications to your visitors’ home screen! Even when they’re not on your website!”   Why PushBird? Use PushBird to generate more interaction, conversions and returning visitors by sending great offers and recommendations directly to your target audience’s home screen. PushBird provides Smart Web Push Notifications to desktop, tablet and mobile without the need of an app, phone number or email address.   How does it work? Visitors are able to subscribe to your push notifications by clicking the custom invitation on your website. Notifications are sent to the users device and do not require an app, phone number or email address. The notifications are even delivered when the user is not visiting the website or closed their browser. Visitors are able to subscribe and manage their preferences in one click, making PushBird notifications a very approachable and effective communication channel.   Simple dashboard New technologies can be challenging so we have created an easy to use dashboard to let you focus on what’s important: connecting with your target audience. Notifications can be directly send or scheduled at the most suited time.   Engage your audience PushBird's user-friendly and highly effective communication tool helps you to inform, engage and interact better with your target audience. Our customer-focused team of industry experts looks forward helping you find the most effective way to engage your audience.   PushBird adds new interactions to the customer journey Off-site interactions are important moments in your audience’s experience. Informing your customers throughout their journey and providing them with perfectly timed information will improve conversion rates.   A few steps away from success! Easily install PushBird on your website. Click install and your account is automatically set up. Online in 5 minutes! Collect subscribers in one click with a customisable invitation. Send your subscribers the information they need, when they need it. Additional information The app is currently available in English, Dutch and French. Push notifications are a new technology, consequentially we constantly update and enhance our platform every day.   Support Our support team is always there to help you. Open the chat on our website or send an email to
Developer: PushBird BV

PushBird: Smart Web Push Notifications


Easily generate more sales and increase customer loyalty Just started your online business or already running a million dollar empire? Boost your sales with little effort by collection email addresses and handing out (personal) coupon codes! With the SalesBoost Popups app you'll be able to design awesome popups without any technical know how, set up a lot of advanced features, and sit back and relax while you watch how much turnover your popup has generated.   Most awesome features Design your popup for newsletter subscriptions, or just show a plain informative popup Set up your own triggers like a timer delay, or our smart algorithm dat detects when a user is about to leave your shop Unique coupon codes per subscription with configurable discount rules Send coupon codes also by email Create multiple popups and do A/B testing Full multi language support for all languages Fully GDPR-proof Integration with Mailchimp Support for emoji's Export your subscriptions Extensive statistics on subscribers and turnover   Easy and extensive design features Choose between multiple templates for your popup, enter your own custom image or select one from our list, set up your color scheme and activate one of the many features that will turn your popup into a sales machine. The app is compatible with any theme, and with full support for all languages you can use the popups all across the globe.   Collect newsletter subscriptions and hand out (generated) coupon codes Shop visitors in doubt, or not sure if they're willing to buy something, can now be converted into a sale by giving them a small incentive. The SalesBoost Popups app will give your visitors a custom personal coupon code in exchange for a newsletter subscription. This way you'll have a direct sale, as well as future sales oppertunity by collecting their email address. Of course you can also hand out coupon codes without newsletter subscriptions.   About Dyvelopment DyApps is part of Dyvelopment, the partner of choice for CCV Shop design or other custom changes. Customizing your current design, a fully custom theme, specific custom changes or custom 3rd party connectors like supplier connectors? You name it, we'll fix it. And we already did for over more than 2000 merchants worldwide.   Manual Click here to view the app manual.
Developer: Dyvelopment

SalesBoost Popups

€ 10,95 / Monat

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