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Die Lösung für Ihren Webshop und Ihr physisches Geschäft, so dass das Unternehmen noch einfacher wird.

BizzCloud Point of Sale Connecting your CCV Shop to BizzCloud provides you with a fully integrated Point Of Sale system. BizzCloud is an ERP solution that allows you to automate all your business processes. This allows you to easily track your inventory and always have the correct stock status, regardless of whether you sell products through CCV Shop or through the Point of Sale in BizzCloud.   What does the connector? - Your products are synchronized with BizzCloud from your webshop - Orders placed in your webshop will automatically be placed in BizzCloud as sales orders. - When your customer is ordering in the webshop, BizzCloud will automatically update the stock. When a product is sold in BizzCloud, the stock will also be updated in your webshop. - New customers are automatically synced to BizzCloud from your webshop. Or, if it is an existing relationship, this step will be skipped.   Installation? The installation is fully automated. You can choose whether or not you are an existing or new customer during the installation. Then a free account will automatically be created and the connector will be installed. If you are an existing customer, only the connector will be installed. We also support multishop environments but there is some additional configuration required to be able to sync the individual webshops.   Cost? You can use BizzCloud for 30 days without further obligations. The cost of use after the trial period for BizzCloud Point of Sale is 27.50 EUR per month. Then you have an online Point of Sale, CRM, inventory management, sales management, billing module and you can do your accounting in BizzCloud. BizzCloud can be supplemented with all kinds of modules such as production management and project management. For more information, visit   When installing and using the connector, you agree to the terms and conditions of BizzCloud.
Developer: BizzCloud

BizzCloud Point of Sale


VectronConnect Get better results from a more efficient ordering, producing and payment processing app.   Are you active in the Fastfood industry and looking for better results through online and offline ordering, all while reducing workload and labor cost? Then connect your Vectron register to your CCV Shop. By adding a webshop to your original store(s), customer's can order online, without the hassle of paying large service margins to third party providers. By adding a kiosk to your store(s), you could increase conversions and reduce unneccessary preassure for a smoother and overall more convinient ordering process. Our VectronConnect app connects your webshop and possible kiosks to your Vectron register so that taking in orders becomes an automated process, saving your business precious time and money when proccessing online orders. Making it easy for you, the entrepreneur and your clients   Your Entrepreneurial Benefits • Keep your website products up-to-date from one safe-guarded place. • Orders are transmitted to your Vectron register and production station in Real-Time! • Orders are payed directly via CCV Pay or with the pin terminal through the kiosk. • Decreased labor costs. • Higher margins through an efficient and tailored ordering proces.   Customer Benefits   • Order online without having to wait. • Automated ordering means faster conversion. • Fast and fluid process. • No more risk of getting cut of in line.   Being a succesful online entrepreneur means that your sales-processes should be as efficient as possible. Connect your Vectron register to your webshop today to keep your business fluid!   Create an extra Point of Sale by adding a kiosk. A kiosk with a terminal increases your revenue and aids your employees in doing things faster, with far less pressure. A kiosk also helps with additional up- and cross selling. Customers place and pay their own order at the kiosk, this order will be displayed and administrated through your own Vectron register.  note: installation is only available in English or Dutch for now. Cost After installation of the app, we will contact you in order to active the solution. There will be a hardware inventory and after installation, the VectronConnect will be activated by this application. The VectronConnect solution is € 55,00 eu per month and € 0,10 eu per transaction. This application has not (yet) been tested with the Enterprise b2b functionality of CCV Shop and is mainly suitable to let consumers place- and pay an order on a kiosk.
Developer: International Business Software BV



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