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EDC dropshipping



•    Simple drop-shipping with EDC Webshopimporter app for CCV Shop.
•    Automatic updates of product stocks and prices, and creation of product sizes for product variants.
•    Easy creation of your own categories and margins, and management through simple graphic interface.
•    +Advanced additional import options!

"Easy drop-shipping with EDC drop-shipping for CCV Shop"


Why choose EDC drop-shipping?

Do you have a CCV Shop webshop and want to offer the products of a supplier via your own webshop? With our EDC drop-shipping App, you can easily integrate and synchronise daily your product feed in your webshop. You offer more easily to all your clients up-to-date product information, prices and stocks made available by EDC. EDC Erotic Wholesale is suitable for webshops with sales of erotic items.

Advantages for CCV Shop webshops

After installing the app, you can directly start with linking EDC products by means of a simple graphic interface. You can link your own margins, complete categories, and  take over or rename product names and descriptions. The import platform subsequently does the rest for you.
Our solution synchronises daily your selected products of your wholesaler. Unlike a one-time import, your products are always kept up-to-date. Through the practical graphic interface, you can put together your own product assortment yourself. Our link offers a very flexible possibility for adding margins. Should you want to add descriptions or fields yourself, your unique description will be included. This way, you can make yourself your own unique product descriptions (or not). Stocks remain of course nicely synchronised. Within 5 to 10 minutes you have a full web shop.

Advantages compared to the standard CCV EDC dropshipment app

See also our demo video below (turn on captions)


Enjoy great connector support
All our apps come with excellent support and technical assistance. Because we continuously improve and expand the connectors, you are guaranteed that you will get the best quality.

Mapping categories on sub level, ideal for theme shops and SEO optimisation
Select your own category structure instead of the standard categories of EDC. You link easily also to existing categories in your shop! You can manage all your links in a simple overview screen.

Overwrite descriptions or modify and enrich
Do you want to modify and enrich the text yourself? This can be done! You can choose to update texts yourself without the connector copying the texts. Improve the quality of products and web texts to have gain better SEO scores.  

Simply define price margins on categories
Define price margins on categories and modify them in a easy and practical overview.

Exclude products without images
Do you get products without images from EDC? No problem: you can also optionally exclude them!

Set products on not active instead of removing them
Do you want to remove products or rather just turn them off when they disappear from the feed or the stock is depleted? It can all be done!

Automatic updates of stocks and prices
Does a stock or a price change? We daily synchronise the feed for you!

Automatic creation of product sizes for product variants
You do not have to program yourself. We also add the configurations and sizes for you. So you can sit back and relax.

Optional: Automatic order module with shipment status + Track & Trace.

About EDC
EDC Erotic Wholesale has a great number of tools that make ordering, shipping, selling and paying for erotic items as easy as possible. See the assortment here. Read more about drop-shipping by EDC here.

Installation instructions:
1. Go to: App store> Support> First install the API app from CCV (free).
2. You can then install this App, which uses the CCV API.

About Webshopimporter

This connector is powered by Webshopimporter. Webshopimporter has more than 8 years’ experience with importing supplier data to e-commerce systems such as CCV Shop. Our goal is to connect products of suppliers with your webshop in the simplest possible way. See soon also our other connectors.

Additional information

NOTE: You should first become a customer of EDC before you start. By installing this app, you accept the Terms of Use of Webshopimporter.

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